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Morse Code

Invented by an American artist and inventer, Samuel F.B. Morse, in the 1830's. 

Morse Code is a clever way of sending messages using light flashes, electrical pulses (beeps!) and visual signals.

It was extensively used during World War II and right up to the 2000's.

Can you decipher the codes below using the chart to the side?

Q1) .-.  .-  ..-.

Q2) .-..  .-  -.  -.-.  .-  ...  -  .  .-.

Q3) Can you write your name in Morse Code?

The Cygnet Wordsearch

We've learned so much during our RAF Skellingthorpe project that we have put together this fun word search game with some of our favourite words from it. If you want to find out more about what these words mean then head to our Glossary page.


By clicking on the document below you'll be able to print out a copy of the word search. Don't go looking at page two though until you've finished as that is where you'll find the answers!

Click here to download
the word search
Something for the teachers & parents!

We know how hard our teachers and parents work so we have worked with an education specialist to come up with some fun learning games for the classroom and for at home. Click on the link to download the document. 

Click here to download
the parent/teacher pack